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Year 2000 Weather Watch Service

The Year 2000 Research Group Inc. is engaged in gathering information that can assist Year 2000 managers and communications departments in managing the complexity of organizational Year 2000 projects. Keeping our client information needs in mind, we assist by assessing and distilling information on Year 2000 from a source matrix that is diverse, multi-sectoral, global, cross referenced, and closely linked to primary sources. We are supported by an informal network of prominent, highly focused Year 2000 experts. Our Weather Watch Service includes:

  • Close monitoring of emerging Year 2000 events in the global media and industry sources. In addition "Year 2000 expert group" will provide specific detail to the issues, events and factors that may be of interest, use or help to our clients. Once an issue is identified, it's development will be closely tracked. Very close attention is given to sector-specific issues. Our goal is to save our clients a lot of risk, time and money on their Year 2000 projects.
  • Every news or information item will be scrutinized and verified, when necessary and accompanied with notes interpreting possible implications to our clients. Where appropriate, recommendations will be offered, especially focusing on resolutions and success.
  • Advising client's public relations/marketing departments and associates on 2000 realities.
  • Comprehensive global monitoring is performed daily and reports are delivered to client personnel as quickly as they are created. This can entail a multiple delivery of each item; one to a central Year 2000 project office and copies to designated departmental personnel.

Cost Of Year 2000
Weather Watch Service