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The Year 2000 Research Group Inc., formerly The Government Source™, was formed in early 1991. In late 1996, The Government Source [TGS], publisher of the critically acclaimed FOCUS Report, began work on the YEAR 2000: The Business and Government Survival Guide. With the participation of more than 80 companies and government departments, TGS assembled a team of more than 1,500 Year 2000 experts. By sharing strategies, approaches, and experiences with these Year 2000 experts, The Government Source distilled an anthology that is a uniquely North American collection of Year 2000 projects, case studies and experiences. This publication was quickly followed by Whatever It Takes!, a publication that illuminates the growing body of evidence on Year 2000's entry points of chaos. These two publications have become the twin pillars of "awareness" for many organization's internal action plans. Since the fall of 1997, Year 2000 Research Group's objectives have been two-fold. First, maintain the content-rich Year 2000 research that organizations desperately depend on. Second, as a result of the extensive research conducted in writing both books, we sought to fill the vacuum of much needed solutions to client/server Year 2000 problems.