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Year 2000 Risk Management/Contingency Planning Guides

Table of Contents

The Y2K Risk Management Step By Step Guide Map

The Technical Side -- Generic Checklist

The Technical Side -- Special Cases

Critical Systems Assessment, Project Tracking

Business Process Mapping - Identifying And Analyzing Your Internal Y2K Risks (If...Then)

Project Managers Role (Hints and Bottom Lines)

Risk Management Data Tools - Databases To Manage The Process

Dependency Mapping - External Risks

Decisions -Deciding When To Implement Contingency Plans

Y2K -- Comments On How It Differs From Standard Risk Management Situations (Randomness, Pervasiveness, Shortage Of Resources, Misinformation Etc.)

Effects Of Corporate Culture On The Realities Of Contingency Planning

Personal Y2K Headaches And Guidelines (Bank Deposits, Locking Interest Rates, Investments, Possible Disruptions In Health Care, Travel, Telephone...)

Dilemmas/Paradoxes/Hard Choices

Risk Matrix (Likelihood, Impact, Suggestions)

Meeting Y2K Stress Head On - Your Own, Your Employees, Your Associates, Your Family)

How To Find Out Where You Are On The Priority List Of A Supplier or Service Provider

Why We Can't Let The Lawyers Define Y2K

Areas You Have No Control Over- Identifying , Segmenting, Prioritizing , Tracking, And Planning

Milestone Reporting - Documenting And Factoring Into Contingency Planning

What To Expect When The Y2K Panic Hits

Understanding Denial (Curis Consulting)

International Chaos Factors

The Missing Links Of Contingency Plans - Resources And Training

Vendor Upgrades - Scrutinizing And Monitoring

Setting Up An Information Gathering Mechanism To Collect And Disseminate Information Critical To Risk Management Process.

Tactical Imperatives (Tips & Insights From Risk Management Pros)

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