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Sustaining Corporate Momentum Through Year 2000

Our goal is to assist our clients in remaining as proactive as possible in the face of a difficult situation. Our service is built on providing information to our clients long before it becomes a media item and/or common knowledge. As public awareness and reaction to Year 2000 grows many currents will come into play that will affect the safe passage of all organizations through the storms of Year 2000. For many, a Year 2000 Weather Watch service will be crucial to sustaining corporate momentum.

Year 2000 Weather Watch Service Cost

The Year 2000 Weather Watch Service can be provided on a per diem basis starting at $400 per day. A six month minimum engagement contract is required to start.

The Year 2000 Research Group is an ideal ally. Our "Whatever It Takes" attitude, our reputation in supporting government and private sector for more than five years through FOCUS Magazine and our intimate knowledge of the issues inherent in Year 2000 provides the platform for our service.

For more information or to book a one hour free consultation please call 888-362-8744 or (613) 820-3272.