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Small Business Specific Year 2000 Concerns

This list is an attempt to detail some of the problems a small business may encounter from Year 2000.

1. Inadequate response from queries to software vendors, equipment and inventory suppliers, larger customers, regulatory and government bodies. The wrong side of the 80/20 rule.

2. Use of unsupported software applications specific to a sector. Perhaps the vendor is out of business, has been bought out or it is not financially feasible for them to produce a compliant version of software that is mission critical to your operation.

3. Lack of sufficient technical expertise to assess Y2K vulnerability or properly integrate necessary upgrades or new systems but unwilling/unable to bring in outside help.

4. Lack of documentation of systems and software, including custom programming by past employees.

5. Lack of easy access to information (not everyone is on the net), affordable professional help or support networks will contribute to poor Y2K awareness and activity.

6. Most small business owners are overwhelmed with day to day operations and are simply not paying attention to warnings or else they are buying into simplistic, ineffective solutions due to wishful thinking.