All the members of Frederick's cabinet lived in the vicinity of Potsdam. Very early in the morning he met with them to take care of the affairs of state. All correspondence was answered, and the King was informed of foreign visitor's who had arrived the day before in Potsdam or Berlin. Frederick wanted to know their names and the reason for their visit. If an important personage had come, Frederick asked that a curtsy call was made to the Queen Elisabeth Christine.

At 11 o'clock Frederick could be seen inspecting a regiment, which took about 30 minutes. Drill took place in good weather and bad. At exactly 12 noon he joined his guests in the oval dining hall for an elaborate meal. Often this sumptuous repast lasted three hours, with dinner conversation touching on art and science, religion and philosophy. Frederick made it clear that politics were never discussed. .Afterwards Frederick walked through the park, watching his beloved greyhounds playfully running through the magnificent gardens. Often he had his head gardener at his side, discussing with him changes in the flower bed arrangements and the planting of shrubs and a variety of fruit trees. Between 4 and 6 PM Frederick was at his desk, where he worked for two hours, with the palace in complete quietness. At 6 o'clock in the evening the concert started. For one hour Frederick played several pieces on his flute, often accompanied on the spinet by the son of Johann Sebastian Bach. The evening supper followed the concert, again with much conversation It was not before midnight that Frederick and his guests retired, and one by one the windows of Sans Souci fell into darkness.

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