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The Kaiser's Hero
Manfred von Richthofen

The King of Hearts
Ludwig II of Bavaria

The Last Voyage of the Bismarck

The princess who became
Catherine the Great

Fredericus Rex:
Prussia's King Frederick the Great

The Idol of a Nation

The Long Journey to Freedom

A Fateful Encounter at Sea

Michael Alexandrovich Bakunin
and the Non-Political Political

From the Teachings of
Nazi Ideology to
the Ramifications of
Unprecedented Betrayal

Living Through the
Götterdämmerung of the Third Reich

The Story of Three Men:
Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera,
Claus von Stauffenberg and
Sean Francis Lemass

Russia's Reforming Tsar:
Peter the Great

Stalingrad: In Desperate Battle

Long Live Our Sacred Germany
The Claus von Stauffenberg Story

Composer par Excellence
Franz Joseph Haydn

Her Majesty's Faithful Servant

Germany's Last Crown Prince

Slovenia's Dark Secret
by Brad Collis

The Division and Unification of Germany
Part 1:
Ode to Joy and Freedom:
The Fall of the Berlin Wall

The Division and Unification of Germany
Part 2:

My Homeland Reunited:
The Re-unification of Germany

Wilhelm Konrad Roentgen:
Discoverer of X-Rays