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So you have written a story, essay, or article that you would like to submit to Ursula's History Web? No problem! We would be happy to include your story as part of Ursula's steadily growing History Web. We are positive your story would help to make UHW a more interesting and informative site to visit. And best of all, it's free! If you would like to submit your story, just do the following:

1. Read our acceptance policy below to be sure that your story falls within the policy's constraints.

2. Proceed to the submisson site and follow the instructions provided to send your story to us for review. It should take about one week for the story to show up, as we must review each and every story we receive to make sure it meets the required guidelines. That's it! Thank you for your participation and we hope to hear from you soon.

Acceptance Policy

Any stories, articles, or essays submitted to be displayed at Ursula's History Web must meet the following guidelines. Any story, article, or essay that does not comply with the following guidelines will be subsequently deleted from our database and will not be a part of Ursula's History Web: 

1. All stories, articles, or essays must be an original composition. We strictly prohibit the use of plagiarism of any sort in any document submitted to Ursula's History Web for review. If you quote material from other works, make sure it is documented correctly according to the MLA or APA system of documentation (in other words. include a works cited, a bibliography and/or footnotes in your document(s)). 

2. All stories, articles or essays must be directly related to history in some way. They must also be historically accurate as Ursula's History Web is intended to be an information resource for those doing history research as well as a source of entertainment. 

3. No profanity please! Any stories, articles or essays submitted to Ursula's History Web for review containing profanity will be immediately discarded from our database as Ursula's History Web is open to all internet users and such language WILL NOT be tolerated. 

4. There is a limit of 25k per story submitted as Ursula's History Web has a limited amount of storage space available. No pictures are allowed for the same reason. You may submit up to three stories, but each one must be different (discuss a different topic). 

5. Ursula's History Web reserves the right to remove any story, article, or essay from its collection at any time, without explanation or having to state any reasons for the actions taken.

If you agree to the above terms and conditions, press "I ACCEPT" below to proceed to the submission area. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions, press "I DO NOT ACCEPT" and you will be taken to the page you were previously at, or you can use your browser's BACK button which will perform the same function. Again, thanks for your interest in contributing to Ursula's History Web. Have fun!